Lorberg Tree Nursery turns 175!


Lorberg Tree Nursery turns 175!

12Nov 2018

This year we are celebrating a very special company anniversary – 175 years of the Lorberg tree nursery. Since being founded in the year 1843 in Berlin, our tree nursery has developed from a small business cultivating roses to one of the largest tree nurseries in Europe. We are both proud and very pleased that we are now able to welcome the seventh generation of the founding family to our company. Since we want to share our excitement with those who have made a significant contribution towards the story of our success, we decided to mark our anniversary in a fitting way by holding a special celebration. It goes without saying that we held the event out in the open, surrounded by the beauty of nature – among countless Lorberg trees and shrubs – in the grounds of our tree nursery in Tremmen.


A big thank you to our guests

Invited to the event were countless garden and landscape architects who have worked closely with us over the course of many years, business partners who collaborate with us at the highest level, our valuable customers, who have been with us for many years, and, last but not least, our great team of employees who put all their energies into cultivating our trees and shrubs in their everyday work. In addition to the celebrations, all our guests were given the opportunity to undertake guided tours through various different areas of the tree nursery to find out for themselves about the diverse range of plants we cultivate.


TV chef Sarah Wiener created the finest delicacies using a wide range of regional ingredients                      

Sarah Wiener has close links to our tree nursery, both as a customer and also in terms of our shared aspiration to retain biodiversity and promote sustainability in our natural world. The buffet which she put together for our special party was exceptionally well received by all of our guests!



Celebration speech highlighting the key milestones in Lorberg’s history

In his special celebration speech, Stefan Lorberg, the Managing Director of our tree nursery, led us through the eventful history of this family company. 175 years ago, his great, great, great grandfather Gottlob Heinrich Lorberg decided to call it a day with his profession as a pharmacist and opened a nursery for the cultivation of rose trees, with a café attached. In doing so, he laid the foundations for the sustainably run tree nursery which is still in operation today.

An important turning point came with expropriation in 1945 and the family’s escape to Schleswig-Holstein. In 1950, grandfather Heinz Lorberg returned from a period as prisoner of war and re-established the tree nursery. In 1962, father Dieter Heinrich acquired new premises on the outskirts of Berlin in Lower Saxony. Stefan Lorberg joined the company – as the sixth generation – in 1989. After the fall of the Berlin Wall, a further significant point in the company’s history – and at the same time a big opportunity – the company took a new direction. Further premises were acquired in Tremmen – the present main site, with an area of 800 hectares. Since 2015, his son Daniel has also been providing reinforcement for the tree nursery business in the areas of digitalisation and internationalisation.

Apropos internationalisation: nowadays, we have customers in more than 30 different countries – among others, Russia plays an important role in this context. However, as the largest customer for our trees and shrubs, Germany still remains our home market. Only recently, we delivered 32 plane trees (each of them 9 – 12 metres tall) to the Mercedes Square in Berlin.

We currently have around 230 employees at our sites in Tremmen, Kleinziethen and Baden-Baden, and we would like to take this opportunity to extend our sincere thanks to them for all their hard work.