"Enfolded within gardens" - State Garden Show in Burg


"Enfolded within gardens" - State Garden Show in Burg

26Apr 2018

We’re happy to announce that the start of the state horticultural show in Burg was an overwhelming success: Numerous guests came to the opening on 21st April in the four parks that had been created for the garden show’s visitors to admire. The themed gardens, with flower beds, bushes and trees, as well as both popular plants and exotics, are the product of years of work, created with a mix of passion and know-how.


Planning started in 2012, the planting of Lorberg plants in 2016


Relais landscape architects from Berlin were responsible for the meticulous planning of the green spaces. The Lorberg nursery was commissioned to supply the great majority of the woody plants for these areas.


State garden show in Burg from 21st April to 7th October 2018


Visitors may stroll through the various gardens for a period of 170 days, ask questions or simply enjoy the great variety of flowers and plants.


Individual attractions of the four parks—a short presentation of the highlights of various plants


Entering the Goethepark through the main entrance, you’re welcomed by a sculpture created from 10,000 hornbeam hedges—an impressive sight, as you can imagine, with the cherry on the cake without doubt the multi-trunked cord trees (Sophora japonica) and yellow horse chestnuts (Aesculus flava).

A variety of events take place on the main stage of the Goethepark, while visitors may find a wealth of inspiration for garden accessories at the various stands of the gardener's market.


The Weinbergone of the oldest places in Burg—has been breathtakingly laid with wild grape vines, while various fruit trees have put down brand new roots in the vineyard. A particular eye-catcher is the almond tree blossom (Prunus dulcis), usually a rare sight in Germany! Here however it succeeds splendidly, due largely to the elevated location and the old city wall with its southern orientation being able to offer an optimal location with perfect protection against the cold.



In the Ihlegärten a wide range of planting styles are presented, with a bridge connecting the different areas. The large ornamental apples, planted in two rows on the topmost steps of the terraced gardens, are an especial feast for the eyes.



The Flickschupark has a hall for flower shows and other plant exhibitions, which vary over the period of the garden show. A restaurant and café with an adjacent water playground for the little ones (and everyone else that likes getting their feet wet) draws you to linger, relax, play and recharge your batteries.