SpringRing – The Revolution in Container Production


SpringRing – The Revolution in Container Production

24Aug 2017

The SpringRing-Systems unites the advantages of container and ball production

A well developed root system and a high degree of fine root density are the building blocks of high-quality tree nursery plants, and of the best growth results. The aerated SpringRing plant pots substantially encourage root growth and lead to large, healthy plants.

Lorberg Tree Nursery is convinced of the good results attained by this cultivation system and is one of the leading nurseries in the use of the SpringRing-System. Thanks to the flexibility of the SpringRing, our plants range from plants and shrubs of all sizes: from the multi-stemmed bush through exclusive solitary trees and all the way to the 12 metre big tall-stemmed trees. These stand ready to be taken away at our production site in Tremmen and because of their being grown in the SpringRing; can also be planted in the summer months.


Root network without ring growth offers more stability and competent care: the comparison

In conventional, closed containers, roots tend towards ring growth — this means that the roots grow unrelentingly along the container wall in a circular motion. This leads to the growth of a small number of long roots which makes the tree more difficult to dig up after it has been planted.

In the SpringRing, the roots tend to fan out more extensively and there is no ring growth. A well-aerated substratum encourages root development — as soon as root comes into contact with oxygen, it stops growing longer and instead fine filament roots sprout out of it. The air holes around the SpringRing substantially boost the growth of fine roots while also encouraging important bacteria, which provide the earth with natural fertilizer as well as important nutrients.

A further advantage of plants which use the SpringRing-System is the direction of growth of the well-developed root network. The conically tapered openings of the container lead to a horizontal growth; the roots are perfectly prepared for being uprooted and moved to a new location. This leads to excellent accretion results as the roots can then quickly stretch out and ensure that the plant is both stable and has a good supply of nutrients.

At Lorberg we have long been convinced of the advantages of the SpringRing, and are happy to be able to offer you a high-quality range of plants and trees in these revolutionary containers. And thanks to the Spring Ring-System, there is no end to the season — we’re able to deliver all year round, in order to be able to satisfy your desired date of planting.

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