»Rent-A-Tree« Plant Hiring


»Rent-A-Tree« Plant Hiring

11Feb 2020

Whether it’s for a trade fair, a big event, a film set or your own garden – rented plants are in greater demand than ever before. Our very own plant hire service, »Rent-A-Tree« has been providing plants for customers in and around Berlin who want to give their event the perfect green setting for almost ten years now. Unlike many other plant hire services, we have the advantage of being able to draw on the extensive range of our tree nursery to create truly unique green spaces.




Because we hire out more than just palms, pieces of hedging and such like – we create atmosphere and relaxation, flair and a feeling of contentment, whatever the event. Plants can be used in a diverse range of ways and are more than just a decorative element. They can create a space to rest or a private area, can bring a Caribbean feel to a city centre, or transform your exhibition stand into something really eye-catching.





In the course of collaborations going back many years, our plants have been seen decorating the red carpet at the German Film Awards, at Berlin Fashion Week and at the ILA in Berlin. Whether you are looking for palms stretching up to a height of several metres, flowering oleander bushes or exotic citrus plants, our colleagues from “Rent-A-Tree” will be there to help you to implement your projects successfully.


More information and further reference photos can be found at: www.rent-a-tree.com