Plant of the Month April - Magnolia kobus


Plant of the Month April - Magnolia kobus

01Apr 2019

The magnolia is without question one of the most beautiful spring bloomers. Its striking flowers set against the still bare branches are an absolute eye-catcher. This month we would like to introduce you to a very special magnolia variety, the tree magnolia 'Magnolia kobus'.



In contrast to other magnolia varieties, it grows, as its name suggests, as a single stem tree. In an ideal location, the tree magnolia can reach a height of up to 10 m, while spreading out to around 6 m. As a solitary tree, this magnolia is particularly effective. While it has a rather conical growth at the beginning, its crown spreads with the years increasingly to a broader, more roundish form.





The elegant flowers of the Magnolia kobus appear in large numbers from April to May. Its narrow white petals are strongly reminiscent of those of the starry magnolia (Magnolia stellata), to which it is also related. The approximately 10 cm large flowers exude a delicate scent. As common for magnolias, the foliage develops only after flowering. The oval leaves are a fresh green and some 15 cm long. Before they are shed in autumn, they shine in a wonderful bright yellow.





The magnolia tree is increasingly proving to be an insider tip for inner-city gardens as well. It's extremely frost-hardy and can bear dry weather periods, but these should remain the exception. A suitable location for the Magnolia kobus is a sunny to semi-shady, wind-protected spot on fresh, permeable, slightly acidic to slightly alkaline soil. It is therefore relatively soil tolerant, but clayey and compacted soils should be avoided.


During the first three years after planting, winter protection in the root area in the form of fleece or fir branches is essential. However, once the magnolia has settled in its new location, it will remain frost-hardy. The magnolia has an annual growth of 20-30 cm and usually does not need to be trimmed.