New Lorberg-Greenhouse in Kleinziethen now open


New Lorberg-Greenhouse in Kleinziethen now open

03Feb 2016

Mediterranean plants such as oleander, lemon and olive trees are great favourites in Germany. Understandably so, since their colourful blossoms and delightful perfumes conjure an immediate Mediterranean feel - whether they’re in a private garden, at an event or used in the gastronomy.

Lorberg of course also features an extensive range of these southern plants. And with Lorberg, our service doesn’t stop when we’ve sold you the plant. Because we know that as soon as you get the plant home, questions start popping up, questions like:

What do you do with Mediterranean plants when the snow and frost arrive?

As beautiful as these summery plants are, they simple don’t react well to the kind of cold that you tend to get here. That’s why as the trend for these plants grows, so does the demand for a professional wintering option.

Our greenhouse offers plants a place in the sun

Rising customer demand led us to set up our own covered greenhouse in Kleinziethen. Started in 2015, we celebrated the opening of our new hothouse in January 2016. The 2,500 square metre building is connected directly to our tree nursery and is separated into four sections, each between four and six metres high. These compartments offer your plants plenty of comfort during cold winter months.

Besides the wintering options, having this much space raises further possibilities. For instance the temporary storage of newly imported plants.

We follow the strict regulations that apply to bringing in overseas imports to the letter

All directly imported trees, bushes and shrubs are checked upon their arrival in Germany to make sure that they’re healthy before they’re allowed to be sold and planted. And our new greenhouse lets us store these plants in separate compartments until we know they’re ready to sell.

Since 2014 Lorberg has also held the exclusive licence, granted by the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, to important large bonsais from Japan into the EU and Eastern Europe. For this reason, one section of the greenhouse is reserved exclusively for these Japanese imports.

Da sich für jedes Schiff eine eigene Temperatur einstellen lässt, können wir aber noch andere Kundenwünsche fachmännisch realisieren:

Pflanzen für besondere Anlässe – Vortreiben und einfaches Verladen für Events

Wir kümmern uns auch um Dekorations-Pflanzen, die zu einem bestimmten Zeitpunkt bleibenden Eindruck hinterlassen sollen. Indem wir die Temperatur verändern, können wir den Zeitpunkt für die Triebe oder Blüten anpassen – abgestimmt auf Messen oder Firmenevents. Mit einer modernen Verladestation gelangen die Pflanzen unserer Rent-a-Tree Abteilung dann auch sicher und schnell zum und vom Ort der Veranstaltung.