Lorberg at the 22nd bdla Project Supervisor Talks


Lorberg at the 22nd bdla Project Supervisor Talks

11Feb 2018

When it comes to planning a garden area, whether in the public or the private realm, a lot of expectations come up sharp against each other. On the one hand there are the wishes of the customer, on the other the aesthetic demands of the planner; and there’s the ability of the suppliers and producers to meet all of these different requirements. To give project supervisors the ability to judge as accurately as possible the quality of future open space projects, the Federation of German Landscape Architects once again invited experts and interested parties, from planning offices to green space administrators, to the 22nd bdla Project Supervisor Talks.


From the 26th-27th January, a great number of presentations dispensed a great deal of wisdom, for project supervisors of open space projects. Among the presentations were two which were especially relevant for the producers, nurseries and gardening firms, given by Dr. Andreas Plietzsch. The ÖBV-acknowledged expert talked about how to correctly assess the quality of delivered plants—in particular factors such as root ball size, root thickness and crown growth. He also pointed out that plants—just as all living things—are each unique, and the idea of ‘perfection’ in their production is only possible up to a point.



Dr. Andreas Plietzsch also provided live examples of how the factors affecting quality assessment are—and must be—variable. But the idea “thick root network = good quality” doesn’t necessarily apply to all plants. Experts know for example that both hawthorn and pine naturally have a smaller number of fine roots—but that doesn’t mean that they are in any way qualitatively inferior. In order to avoid these kinds of mistakes, our tree nursery delivered various live examples for the assembled to study: with extremely diverse plant types—from naked roots through crowns, all the way to entire trees and shrubs—for the garden architects to study.


We really hope that with our contribution to the bdla Project Supervisor Talks, we’ve helped to build a bridge between producers and project planners, and of course those to whom they’re finally presented.