Lorberg at the Giardina 2019


Lorberg at the Giardina 2019

25Mar 2019



The Giardina—Living in the Garden is one of the most important fairs in Europe when it comes to trends and innovations both in the garden and on the balcony. Each year the show gardens, ranging in size from 20 to 200m², display a multitude of inspiring design concepts, combining aesthetics with practicality. From the balcony, to the terrace, to large gardens: nature lovers can find new ideas, tips, and enough impressions to keep them inspired for ages to come.




"Favourite places" in focus at this year's Giardina

The themes featured at 2019's popular Giardina Expo were "Favourite Places" and "Technology in the Garden".

An impressive show garden was created by our tree nursery Lorberg in cooperation with the wood artist Thomas Rösler. We took on these twin themes and worked them into a single conceptual framework. The result was a series of favoured spots featuring natural objects chosen by the artist (such as seashells and corner seats made from solid oak), as well as a variety of plants, conjuring a harmony that led visitors to relax and linger and just let time pass by.

At the carefully staged Favourite Places location, shining mushroom shapes, large and elegant, were integrated and radiated a peculiarly enchanting magic. The stems were crafted from oak and the umbrellas were wind- and weatherproof, so that the objects of art managed to combine elegance with durability and robustness, and the beloved outdoor corner was set to be a favourite place for a long time to come.


The Lorberg trees underlined the magical atmosphere:

Unusual trees such as wind dodgers and uniquely formed conifers beguiled and bewitched visitors and enticed them into an enchanted alpine forest, making the Lorberg/Rösler stand a top attraction of the fair.


Many thanks to all of the visitors who dropped by!


Pictures: Thomas Rösler