Lorberg at the BUGA Heilbronn


Lorberg at the BUGA Heilbronn

16Apr 2019

The Bundesgartenschau will take place this year from the 17th April through to the 6th October in the Baden-Würtemberg city of Heilbronn. The town situated in this southern state of Germany has already set things in motion to ensure that they live up to this rather eminent task.

Preparations for the transformation of the large area around the Neckarbogen have been underway from as early as 2007. The landscape architecture office sinai are responsible for the entirety of the landscape planning for the BUGA, and are developing what was once an industrial area replete with goods handling areas and freight yard into a green oasis in the middle of the town. The BUGA site will be divided into five 'atmospheres': the new river banks, the summer island, the town in the making, the in-between area and the Forscherinsel (researchers' island).

The Lorberg tree nursery is an official sponsor of the BUGA Heilbronn and will of course have an extensive presence during the festival. The first trees were delivered to the banks of the Neckar River in autumn 2015, yet planting is far from complete. The residential park on the summer island will continue to be developed after BUGA and will be planted with other trees from our tree nursery. On your BUGA tour you can discover the following trees from our nursery:


        Impressive large pines along the rampart west of Lake Karlssee

        About 90 honey locust trees will line the shore path between Lake Karlssee and Floßhafen

        Overhanging Zelkova elms enclose the residential complex on the summer island

        Japanese cord trees, red maples, white ashes and Celtis trees populate the streets and squares of the new residential quarter

        Multi-trunk Himalayan birch with bright white bark in dahlia garden

        Resista®-Elms as part of the contribution of the Baden-Württembergische Schlösser und Gärten (Baden-Württemberg Castles and Gardens)

        Multi-trunk lime trees and Himalayan birches in containers welcome you at the entrances 'Innenstadt' and 'Campuspark'

        Impressive solitary shrubs as part of the BdB contribution "Floating tree nursery—between clouds and water"

        A large umbrella-shaped pine in the courtyard of the i-spot green

        and much, much more!


We are looking forward to an exciting garden show season and will keep you up to date with further interesting contributions on BUGA 2019.