From the farm garden to the Japanese garden


From the farm garden to the Japanese garden

02Jan 2016

Anyone looking to create a beautiful garden can pick and choose from our rich variety of perennials and shrubs, as well as a range of design possibilities. And just about everything is possible. How about a romantic rose garden, filled with the sweet scent of the rose?

Water, too, is a garden design element. The splashing and rushing of wells and waterfalls are calming to the senses, while also providing the eye with something to gaze upon. While bathing in one’s own swimming-pond, the everyday fades away to nothing...And if you’re more interested in a minimalistic garden that’s nonethelesss filled with variety, you can also go for a stone or Japanese garden.

Or a wild farmer’s garden, where colourful summer flowers thrive up alongside vegetables, fruits and herbs?


Tips on how to design your dream garden

We have wonderfully attractive bushes, shrubs, trees, perennials and accessories for your garden in our product range. And when we deliver the plants we come with advice too: In fact we’re happy to provide comprehensive advice about how to design your garden.

  • Which plant is the right one?
  • Which variety fits best to the soil conditions and location?
  • When do the plants blossom? Is a pruning necessary?

Our tree nursery experts at the Lorberg sites in Tremmen, Baden-Baden and Kleinziethen are more than happy to help you with the design of your garden, and will leave no question unanswered - also by Email:

Since the main thing is that you have years of enjoyment from your garden.


A Mecca for the private gardener

We have the most beautiful roses for your rose garden, the most imposing bonsai for your Japanese garden, and the most robust fruit trees and bushes for your kitchen garden - not only because our plants are always of the best quality.

But also because of our many years of experience:
We know when things blossom, we know the size, needs and particularities of every single plant, and we’re happy to help you choose just the right one for your garden project. So that good growth is guaranteed. Visit us in our mecca for the private gardener, the Klienziethen site (+49 (0)33279 2055 0) , where we’ll provide you with a wealth of ideas and advice.