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05Jan 2016

Anyone who's looking for something a little unusual can find it in our wide range of topiaries. These plants, often cultivated over a span of years, create a very cultivated atmosphere. The variety of possible shapes is rich and (almost) only restricted by your imagination.

Classic but still modern shapes include globes, cones, dice, spirals, pillars and pyramids.

They’re never out of fashion and their extreme geometry always looks good. But these are only some of the shapes that the Lorberg pruning experts can create from our plants. We’re also more than happy to prepare special shapes such as chess figures, topiaries or hedge elements. Roof shapes, trellises, gateways and leaf pergolas, as well as box tree landscapes, give an especially picturesque appearance. Our large quantity of raw material means that we can always fulfil these and other shape wishes, even at short notice.


Pruning is real handwork

All of our topiaries are made by hand. They usually need a number of years of being cultivated before they’re ready for sale. The material for the topiaries comes mainly from frost-hardened, fast-growing wood types which are amenable to being cut. These include conifers, spruce, boxwood, yew and thuja, as well as the deciduous trees (Acer, Aesculus, Carpinus, Ilex, Malus, Obst, Platanus, Pyrus, Tilia, Quercus, Vitis …). When used in a group topiaries give structure to a garden design, and add life when used alone.


Where fantasies bear fruit – the best-loved topiaries

Alongside starkly geometrical shapes, individualised sculptures are also particularly charming. This is where we can help your imagination become reality…

And there’s always a place for the much loved slim trellis. Topiary trellises cut from fruit trees are both easy to incorporate into a garden design, and also simply a practical way of growing fruit.

Box-shaped hedge elements offer protection both against wind and unlovely views, and alongside the classic tree and shrub varieties, we also offer more unusual plants

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Umbrella-shaped tree crowns are another popular shape. They are available in both deciduous and conifer varieties. Blossoming umbrella-shaped varieties include among others crabapple, cherry and dogwood. For the big show-stopper, we recommend Lorberg’s spectacular giant bonsais from pine, yew and a number of other speci