- An Architecture Exhibition at the CLB Berlin Gallery -


- An Architecture Exhibition at the CLB Berlin Gallery -

11Sep 2020

Green Obsession by Stefano Boeri An Architecture Exhibition at the CLB Berlin Gallery –



From 10-27 September, Italian architect Stefano Boeri exhibits his architecture and urban development projects at the CLB Berlin Gallery. In collaboration with the Italian Embassy, he is presenting his futuristic and visionary planning ideas in digital form. They all have one thing in common – plants, lots and lots of plants. 






The title of the exhibition, "Green Obsession", couldn't really be more fitting. One of his most well-known projects to date is the "Bosco Verticale" – two tower blocks in Milan with façades that are covered by around 900 trees and more than 2,000 other plants. This is equivalent to an area of forest of 7,000 m² if the trees had been planted on the ground. This "vertical forest" improves the microclimate for the tenants of the buildings by filtering out harmful substances, noise and heat, whilst at the same time providing a habitat for many insects and birds.




Stefano Boeri Architetti designs buildings, parks and entire urban districts (Cancun Smart City Forest) using a holistic approach to bring together nature and urban living. His projects show the debate around urban green space in a new light and also demonstrate the great potential for using architecture to combine city life with nature.

We are very pleased to have been able to provide support for this special exhibition with trees and shrubs from our tree nursery to entice visitors into the beautiful green world of architect Stefano Boeri.


Green Obsession, 10-27 September 2020

CLB Berlin

Aufbau Haus am Moritzplatz

10989 Berlin


Photos: Dario J. Laganà