Berlin becomes #blumIGA – and Lorberg plants are on board!


Berlin becomes #blumIGA – and Lorberg plants are on board!

09Apr 2017

On Thursday the wait is finally over: the Internationale Gartenausstellung Berlin (International Garden Exhibition Berlin) 2017 – also known as the IGA – will be opening its doors in Marzahn-Hellersdorf. And thereby opening the gates onto a hundred hectares of greenery for Berliners, regional visitors and tourists.

A number of Lorberg plants have made themselves at home on the IGA grounds

Regional pines, fruit trees, a variety of hedges and bald cypresses for the water gardens: we’ve planted a whole range of trees and shrubs for the Gardens of the World. And we’re not just a supplier: for the extended areas of Kienberg and Wuhletal we provided not just plants but expert advice too.

Speaking of our long and fruitful working relationship Matthias Kolle, head of planning, construction and operations for the IGA 2017, said: “Especially when dealing with such an expansive area as that of the IGA, when it comes to things such as choice of plants and the particular needs of certain areas, we’re always very happy to accept the advice of experienced experts in the development stage.”

And we’re also very happy to be official sponsor of the IGA Berlin 2017!


But where exactly are Lorberg plants located on the giant IGA grounds? Thirteen of our large bamboo plants are to be seen as soon as you enter through the Eisenacher Strasse entrance: they’re right in front of the new tropical hall. Between April and July, various topiaries, designed to highlight the overarching theme of fruit, will be showing off their sumptuous blossoms in front of the flower hall, while the traditional English garden and cottage is entirely decorated using our trees and shrubs. And you’ll also find Lorberg plants featured in the water worlds that lie along the “Promenade Aquatica”, as well as on the Kienberg.

As early as the end of February, we were able to take a look at our plants on the IGA grounds. And even at that point we could hardly wait to see our plants in blossom, even though it was extremely cold and spring was still a long way off. Of course, now that the opening is before us, our sense of anticipation is even greater! So: I hope we’ll be seeing each other at the IGA?