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A striking part of any landscape

14Oct 2016

Austrian Pine: a Portrait

The Austrian Pine, or European Black Pine (Pinus nigra nigra), comes from the Pinacae family. It can reach a height of 50 meters and live up to 800 years. This impressive conifer’s natural range extends from North Africa, across Southern Europe and into the Middle East. Nowadays, Austrian Pines can be found in forests, gardens and parks in nearly every corner of the world.

Growth, Bark, Foliage and Fruit

The Austrian Pine’s trunk is typically straight and continuous with a diameter of 1.85 meters. Its slender crown rounds with age, growing up to 12 meters in width. The branches stick out horizontally from the trunk and tend to arch either upward or downward. Its strong, downward-growing taproot system anchors the tree into the soil.

The foliage consists of two stiff and prickly evergreen needles which reach a length of 8-16 cm and stay on the tree from anywhere between 3 to 8 years. The blooming season, which lasts from April to June, is relatively inconspicuous and produces 5 to 9 cm long light-brown pine cones. The cones have a strikingly prominent tip and can be quite resinous. The tree’s decorative bark is deeply and roughly furrowed.

A 1,000 Tree Wonders - Lorberg’s Austrian Pines

The Austrian Pine is a tree with a lot of character which is why we feel its right at home here at Lorberg. Our selection includes nearly 1,000 trees, ranging in age, growth and shape.

The following trees are available at Lorberg:

- solitary trees

- high-stemmed trees with a variety of crowns for individual plantings in parks, gardens or even streets.

- shaped and pre-cut pines

- bonsais in a variety of shapes and sizes

- trees that have been transplanted up to eight times and that range in sizes from 900-1,000 cm and crown widths of up to 400-600cm.

- a large selection of Austrian Pines grown in spring rings (mostly high-stemmed)

- Unique plants with an artistic growth pattern/shape

For any questions regarding our selection please contact:

Imke Kleinschmidt

phone: +49 332 33 84 151

mobile: +49 172 690 6120





Johannes Grothaus

phone: +49 332 33 84 112

mobile: +49 173 244 5017