2. Place for our Biological Plant Protection Management


2. Place for our Biological Plant Protection Management

16Oct 2019

This year, for the first time, the Association of German Nurseries awarded the 'Nursery Industry Sustainability Award'. With this award, the BdB would like to honour the environmental achievements of German nurseries and to place particularly future-oriented, resource-conserving production processes at the front and centre of public attention. (Quote BdB)


The joint research project initiated by the tree nursery Lorberg and the Beuth University for Technology Berlin in the area of 'Biological Plant Protection Management' won 2nd place. We have over several years been collaborating with the Beuth University on developing a seed with which to undersow plants, thereby increasing the level of biodiversity of beneficial insects, in turn reducing the need for herbi- and pesticides.

The wild herb mixture is sown between rows of trees in place of the usual grass. It attracts bees, butterflies and other useful insects all year round, producing an anaesthetic effect on our trees and keeping them free from pests such as aphids and mites. This method of biological crop protection is now in place across more than 50 hectares of our nursery, and is constantly analysed and optimised as part of the research.


The issue of sustainability is one that affects the green branch as well, requiring of us foresight and a pragmatic approach to the use of resources. We would like to express our sincere thanks to the Association of German Nurseries for their appreciation of our efforts to achieve an environmentally friendly production method, and accept the award as an opportunity to continue to shape the green sector in a future-oriented and innovative way.