Our plants.


Brandenburg’s continental climate is characterised by its hot and dry summers and its cold winters that come early. As a result our plants grow quickly in order to avoid being damaged by the onset of winter conditions, leading to them being tough and extremely robust.


Elegant plants come about through professional care and selection. Every year, according to various criteria, we choose the most attractive plants from our extensive product range and plant them in our tree nursery in order to cultivate them into picturesque solitary plants.


The production of our trees and bushes takes place in the loamy soil which is typical of Brandenburg. The nutritiousness of the soil leads to optimal root formation, and this in turn leads to excellent further growth - as long as the plants are planted and cared for properly.


Our specialists, consisting of master craftsmen, technicians and apprentices, prune the whole year round. After transplanting comes pruning, to shape the plant and to assist its growth.

Our service.


The Lorberg team bring passion to their work, in sales as well as production.


Valuable experience is handed down from generation to generation. The wisdom that results from this helps us not only in cultivating and caring for our plants, but in advising and assisting our customers too.

Company size

The size of our tree nursery, our three sites, and the great variety of our plant types, mean that we can quickly and professionally react to any individual wishes that our customers might have.


Through good logistics combined with numerous European partnerships, we make sure that we can deliver our plants safely, securely and on time.