Plant of the Month September - Quercus coccinea

Plant of the Month September - Quercus coccinea - Scarlet Oak -

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SpringRing Plant Production

SpringRing Plant Production - Planting season all year round! -

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Tree culture since 1843

Tree culture since 1843

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Impressive projects

Impressive projects


Quality first – every time

Plants from Lorberg give the character to gardens, parks and towns throughout Europe. The trees and hedges that we grow in our tree nursery are exceptionally robust and climate-resistant


It’s all about the upbringing: We grow our plants in a continental climate, which means that they can cope easily with raw climate zones and hard winters later on.


Our Lorberg employees have chlorophyll in their blood: Growing and cultivating plants is their passion, and we make sure that the same passion comes to bear in helping customers. And when it comes to keeping up to date with the newest plant trends too.


For over 170 years and through six generations, we have developed and extended our knowledge of plants and trees. And it’s apparent in the quality of every single plant.

News & Events

Quercus coccinea - the Scarlet Oak

NewsQuercus coccinea - the Scarlet Oak

The scarlet oak brightens up those grey autumn days.

Buddleja davidii 'Nanho Blue'

News Buddleja davidii 'Nanho Blue'

A dream in shades of violet – in its flowering splendour the Buddleja davidii variety "Nanho Blue"...

Plant of the Month July - Hydrangea 'Bodensee'

News Plant of the Month July - Hydrangea 'Bodensee'

The garden hydrangea 'Bodensee' is our plant of the month July.

Magnolia hypoleuca - Honoki Magnolia

News Magnolia hypoleuca - Honoki Magnolia

The Japanese large-leaf Magnolia is our plant of the month May.

- An Architecture Exhibition at the CLB Berlin Gallery -

News - An Architecture Exhibition at the CLB Berlin Gallery -

From 10-27 September, Italian architect Stefano Boeri will be exhibiting his architecture and urban...

At home in nature. Rooted in Europe.


Gottlob Heinrich Lorberg establishes the nursery with café attached.
Gottlob Heinrich Lorberg cultivated dahlia and founded the tree nursery at Gesundbrunnen in Berlin. Following strong demand, he also began to cultivate magnolia, blooming azaleas and rhododendrons.


Max Richard H. Lorberg (*1840) takes over the business from his father


Max Richard Lorberg acquires a manor in Biesenthal.
After coming into possession of a manor, it became possible to grow an even wider range of plants. After a few years, the business relocated entirely to Biesenthal.


Eugen H. Lorberg takes over at the nursery.
After attending the royal gardening academy in Wildpark, he also gained success as a landscaper.


Wolfgang H. und Antonie Lorberg
Wolfgang Lorberg returned from captivity in a P.O.W camp, resuming his position from his wife Antonie Lorberg, who had carried out the role in his absence. He left the nursery five years later for health reasons.


Heinz H. Lorberg und Adolf Steffen
Mr. Adolf Steffen, a known specialist and a friend of the family, took leadership alongside Heinz Lorberg, son of the late Eugen Lorberg. The variety of flowers at the school has been enriched by roses and lilacs, which add vitality to the business.


Escape and confiscation
During and after the Second World War, all that had been accomplished collapsed. In 1949, the nursery was repossessed and communalised as public property under the GDR.


Rebuilding the company in Lichtenrade
Heinz H. Lorberg bought an initial two-hectare sized space in Lichtenrade, to which a further ten hectares were leased from the city.


Dieter H. Lorberg enters into the fifth generation of the nursery.
Through much business acumen and the use of modern technology, the company began steadily to develop.

1966 - 1993

Establishing the production facility at Neudorf-Platendorf (Lower Saxony)


Founding of the production facility Hankensbüttel
The purchase of a 100-hectare manor in Lower Saxony to expand the product range.


Stefan H. Lorberg enters the business
Known previously as a regional provider, the tree nursery began to garner international through the following years.

1991 - 1997

Relocation of production facilities to Tremmen
In the early nineties, the Lorberg family relocated their home to Havelland. All of the plants at Neudorf-Platendorf and Hankensbüttel were gradually replanted at the new location.


Moving from Lichentrade to Kleinziethen
For reasons of space the Berlin branch moved to Kleinziethen.


Opening of the Baden-Baden branch
Following operations in Baden-Baden, a permanent branch in Baden-Württemberg was established.


The diversity of our plants and shapes have been planted and praised from Quebec to Vladivostok.